ac 220v 60w-100w ultrasonic cleaner power driver board with 2pcs 50w 40khz transducers


Specification:Power board: 220V 60-100WPendulum: 50W 40KHZApplies to: Low-power ultrasonic cleaning machine, household cleaning machine, ultrasonic generator built machine.Feature:The ultrasonic generator can monitor the power system frequency ultrasound powerAccording to different requirements of users, real-time adjustment of various parameters: The power, amplitude, and running timePower tube: import power tubePCB: double-sided two ouncesStable performanceLarge radiator, cooling fastCircuit board and vibration head (ceramic transducer) Wiring instruction:1. The board can not no-load to power;2. No cleaning fluid can not be energized.3. Vibration first two tabs, two ceramic middle lug is positive, by the upper and lower metal column is negative, can not be reversed;4. Transducer film on the ceramic sheet covered with a silver layer for the negative side, the other side of a large two silver layer is positive, the smaller one is negative, when the welding power supply line must be welded to the side there are two silver layer, the other side of the vibration surface, can be pasted in the washing tub; a silver layer ceramic chip is not high temperature, the power cord when welding iron temperature should not exceed 280 degrees, preferably heated iron, the iron temperature is set to 250 degrees .5. Vibration head larger side (with screw holes) to vibrate surface can be glued to the pelvic floor cleaning, washing pots must be well grounded;6. Vibration head or transducer ceramic glue application head shock stick firmly to the pelvic floor cleaning;7. Two vibration head and coupled to the terminals on the circuit board, a board with up to two vibration head, but also with supporting the use of a transducer head;8. Positive and negative, respectively positive and negative output coupled with the oscillator can not be wrong, we have questions, timely advice to ensure safety;9. Remember to wash pots and reliable grounding and the power leakage protection switch, to ensure safety.Package includes:1 x Power Driver2 x Transducer

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