100pcs 2x20cm waterproof plastic plant hanging tags gardening plant flower marker label


Describtion: 100pcs 2x20cm Waterproof Plastic Plant Hanging Tags Suited to orchid, rose, shrubs small iron herbaceous liana plants,. Used to set on the branches of plants. Does not harm plants, does not affect the watering, fertilizing. Surface can be used pencil and pen writing seed or plant namesc repeatedly. Specifications: Material: PVC plastic Color: White, Yellow, Red, Green Size: 21 x 2cm Features: Durable, waterproof light. According to different conditions of plants, adjusting the number of nodes. PVC material, wear, writing is convenient. Soft and comfortable, smooth, not rough, rounded corners. Package include: 100 x Plant label

Webwinkel: Dennisdeal
Prijs: € 13.59

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